Facebook Marketing Idea for Photographers - Year in Review

Facebook Marketing Idea

Goal: Increase page LIKES, Increase page engagement, Promote specific type of session.

A great end of year giveaway and promotion to boost engagement on your business page. Share a post with your favorite image from each session you did, Tag your clients in each pic if possible. Give away a free 11x14 print to the picture that has the most LIKES. Tell clients to share the post and get friends to LIKE their picture to help them win. Worded something like this:


Thank you for an amazing year to all of my clients. Here is a look back on many of the amazing moments I captured with you. I am giving away a free 11x14 print to the photo with the most LIKES by [insert end date]. Like your picture, share my post and ask your friends to LIKE your photo from this post to win. Thank you everyone and see you in the New Year."

Your end game, is to invite each person who LIKES a friends picture who is not already a fan of your page to LIKE your page using the Invite button.  Have too many clients to even consider this? Try doing the same but with only your full paying session clients or just your wedding clients or whatever market you want to focus on.  Add that stipulation to the content which may encourage people to book the bigger session next year.