DOG or CAT Mom Template - watercolor
DOG or CAT Mom Template - watercolor

DOG or CAT Mom Template - watercolor

Jennifer Earle
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Watercolour Templates are Simple to use and make any photo simply elegant!

No brushes to download, no guess work. Just pick you template, choose your photo and use a Clipping mask to create a Masterpiece.

Included with this Bundle pack:
Canvas size 12"x12"
Can be resized before adding your photo to the template

Template that is easy to use with a clipping mask.
The colored watercolor background can also be turned off


You will need to turn the PAW prints on or off for each animal along with the "DG" layer for DOG and "CT" layer for CAT

NO paper is included

Templates can easily be adjusted for ANY photo.
You just need to use a clipping mask to create this stunning image

This is a GREAT addition AND add on to any clients package!

You may use this to create a finished product for your customer.
All rights belong to JE Photography Design. Do not copy or use parts of the template in other projects.
Do not resell the template